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Automation Dynamics

  • Automation Dynamics offers automated material handling solutions to the textile and garment rental industry.
  • We manufacture: sorting, counting and weighing equipment for all types of plants (Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial, Mixed). All systems are custom designed to suit your plants specific needs.

What we do...

Automation Dynamics offers material handling systems both by rail and pneumatics for use in transporting goods throughout industry plants . We manufacture: sorting, counting and weighing equipment for all types of plants. All systems are custom designed to suit your plants specific needs.

Being an automation and technology company, we also offer production tracking, preventative maintenance software, rail management software and controls that accommodate custom software requests.

Our Goals

We have learned the only way to reach our corporate goals, is by first helping other corporations reach theirs. Therefore, our number one goal is to help our customer reach their goals. To produce the desired results for our customers, by providing quality, in both products and support.

Our Primary Management Philosophy

To concentrate on the net results and complete our job on time and in budget. To become recognized as the most quality-conscious and dynamic automation systems integrator in our market as judged by our products and support.

Equipment & System Design  Form Follows Function

We design our equipment to take the abuse of harsh and rugged work environments. We have adapted medical grade stainless steel as our material of choice, due to its ability to last for generations and to provide a bacterial resistance material as possible.

Each installation is custom fit to a point. We have several models that will fit the space and meet the criteria of the requested production.

Our 3 Step Approach to System Design

Vision Statement

  • We first define the customers Vision and total needs, and then compare the current process with the projected Vision.
  • A detailed plan is then developed, defining a list of summary goals and the specific tasks required in reaching the new Vision. This process provides for exceptional clarity and communication between Automation Dynamics and our customers, ensuring the customer understands exactly what we will be doing, verifying that each step of the process is complete
  • Performing a needs analysis, evaluating current automation formats and processes so that an implementation plan can be created to calculate return on investment.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement when setting up a project for a customer is where we decide how the project is to be managed. The process, who does what, etc. Deadlines are set and exceptions are listed within an agenda

Goals & Objectives
  • Now that we know what the customer wants and what we can do with the space, etc available, we can list the summary of Goals to be met, to reach the Customers Vision Statement.  This Summary of Goals List taken together should equal the Vision Statement.
  • Objectives are work. Each Goal will have tasks to be completed before reaching the goal; these are the Objectives. Objectives are scheduled and tested in the order most like the proposed installation.
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